Our Investment Philosophy

We at Microsec Wealth, follow a disciplined and process-oriented investment approach. Our investment philosophy is based on key investment parameters which are as follows:

  • Blue Ocean

    We invest in companies which constantly create the Blue Ocean of business. The world is changing very rapidly. The largest selling camera, today, is not a standalone camera but it is integrated in a mobile phone. Google, Facebook, Netflix, Apple, Domino’s, HDFC Bank, Page Industries, Eicher Motors, all created wealth through the Blue Ocean of Business. When we say Blue Ocean, we refer to companies which focus on strong differentiation in terms of building sustainable competitive advantage, leading to consistent cash flow.

  • High Quality Management

    We focus on High Quality Management with High Corporate Governance based on four key parameters - Management’s focus on its Core Business, Efficient and Reliable Communication, Management’s Intention for Shareholders and its Passion towards Compounding Growth.

  • Efficiency of Capital

    While selecting the investment opportunities, we focus on the companies which can generate higher returns on additional capital deployments or can improve their profitability without infusing significant capital in the business.

  • Margin of Safety

    While evaluating the investment decisions, we focus on the intrinsic value of the stock which has high possibility of upside with lowest risk of loss.